Why less than 1% of apps succeed (& what you can do about it)


Over 99% of app development projects in 2018 were NOT considered a success by their founders, and the average app loses over 77% of it's users in the first 30 days after launch...

This video training will show you how to approach your coming web or mobile app development project in a way that minimizes your risks while maximizing your success rate.


Here's what you'll learn...

Why over 99% of apps were considered a 'failure' by their founders in 2018

How to avoid being one of the 88% of app development projects that go over budget and over timeline

Why the average app loses 77% of it's users within 30 days, and 95% after just 3 months.

Most entrepreneurs go into app development thinking they're going to build a market-changing product... but often times it doesn't turn out that way. You CAN do something about it that will exponentially increase your chances of having a successful app.

Even large corporations waste tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time on bad development projects. We'll show you how to avoid being in that group and GUARANTEE an on time, on budget app development project.

How demoralizing would it be to spend months building something only to find people won't use it? We'll teach you our tested 4 step strategy to ensure people will use your app and love it, a strategy most startups don't even know about.

"Building, launching, and ultimately making a successful app isn't about the 'who'. It's about the 'how'. That 'how' is what we've taught hundreds of other founders for the last 4 years."

Jake Hare, Founder of Launchpeer

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